River Film Fest

Our Mission: Free Rivers

Each year, River Film Fest presents an international selection of environmental and outdoor films on free rivers and freshwater life. We combine film screenings and expert discussions to foster cultural exchange in a festival format. We do this to advocate for better policies to:

  • protect free rivers and the pathways that they create

  • remove dams and restore or rewild river landscapes

  • halt the decline of freshwater life

Many in the environmental, angling, and paddling communities are alarmed by the ongoing destruction of rivers, and look for ways to better protect them. Together, we are sharing river stories to build a movement, for the love of water.

As a community, the countries in the EU can do better to protect and enhance healthy, dynamic and free-flowing rivers.

In light of the global boom of hydropower, what might Europe learn from the US when it comes to protecting free-flowing rivers and removing dams? While river basin management is well advanced in the EU, the growing system of Wild and Scenic Rivers in the US is an inspiring model for the permanent legal protection of free rivers. Countries like Finland and Sweden already have effective river protection schemes in place, granting permanent legal protection of rivers against hydropower and other disruptive impacts. We are advocating for the establishment of a similar policy across Europe.

Rivers running wild and free under permanent protection: Let’s combine the power of an idea with the compelling power of stories.

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